Sanya Shangari
Simple Homespun Tests to Check Food Adulteration


Adulteration is basically addition or subtraction of substances which may affect the quality of a food product. The substance can be partially or wholly substituted in order to earn profits by the companies or small vendors. The main reason for adulteration could be unhygienic processing conditions or intentionally done for ... see more

Bojan Partizan
Sicilia ( Italy )


This is one of those places that leave a mark on you. " There is truth in the legend that when God created the world , the sixth day was satisfied with what he did, and dropped a kiss on the spot where today Sicilia . I love the uniqueness and ... see more

David Ramirez
2k16 MTV Awards


The time of Chris! This is the year of abundance according to the recently concluded MTV movie awards, it’s the time of “Chris” wherein we have not one handsomely dashing, funny and capable of sporting a full and luxurious quota of facial hair. We have three, namely Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans ... see more

Phoebe Wangui
Top 5 things to avoid in social media


In order to increase your sales and maximize the profits, any marketer or business is free to approach any social media strategy, but you find that more effort is put on Facebook and Instagram whose results are not all that desirable. More often than not the social media are slow ... see more

Christina Doidge


I am sure you have all heard about the evergreen Hemp plant - no, not the one you smoke but the one known as Cannabis Sativa or for my South African friends DAGGA or Marijuana. This popular plant is making waves as it is not only great for making clothing, ... see more

Donnyta Tablon
Your presence in my head


Your words I cannot escape They kept on chasing me Got no safe place to hide I just can't accept the reality Been deleting your rough voice That's whispering in my head But it turned out to be a soft noise That I cant stop crying on my bed Tell me how I can forget your face Please tell ... see more

NIkola Gavrilovic
What is Blog?


The term "Blog" was created by shortening the two words - Web Log, which could be translated in this context as a Web log (diary). The phrase Web Log otherwise in Internet technology is used to define the statistical activities of one site (the number of visitors, the number of ... see more

seema gupta
Teaching English in Cambodia


RCDP teaching work camp is located in the most beautiful cities of Cambodia. After factually thousands of years in isolation and obscurity Cambodia is a country reborn. Enthusiastic to be a part of the present world and catch up with its fast developing neighbors, the country is seeking additional and ... see more

Md. Arifur Rahman
Understanding Human Psychology is the key factor of happiness


If anyone try to be happy, first of all we have to understand the human psychology. Actually we are all always self centered that never we try to realize others emotions, feelings, demands and expectations. We are all human being. Everyone has same expectations as we have. So whenever we ... see more

Shakhawat Hossain
March: the message of Freedom


The term freedom is relative and significant, but its depth is passionate and massive. If the independence is acquired for exchange of 30 lac people, the people would become self-motivated, dedicated and patriotic and can do any works for the development of the nation. The great achievement of Bengali nation ... see more

Md. Enamul Hoque
10 tips on how to manage time in successful business


Accomplishing your work on time is something which will make you a successful entrepreneur in the long run. Now, what is Time Management? Do we really know what it is? Chances are that you have read it in numerous articles, books or have even heard of it from your teacher ... see more

Labony Khanam
Grateful to!


I am a user of ybooth website. Today I will describe how this website help to earn money and also how I am benefited by this website. Ybooth is a most popular website throughout the Internet. By this website all sectors of people can earn money easily by posting of ... see more

Mathia Barela
Income generate from YouTube..


Now I’ll teach you how to make money from YouTube. Many people do not know that we can earn from YouTube. In fact, from Bangladesh there is no legal way because there is no partnership of Bangladesh with YouTube. However, you can earn by using a Trick. First, you will need ... see more